a man wonders how meth addiction can develop

How Meth Addictions Can Develop

Any illegal use of methamphetamines qualifies as abuse. Commonly called meth, it is a hazardous and addictive drug. Interestingly, meth addiction can develop from the first time someone starts using the drug. Meth produces a rush of dopamine that gives the user a euphoric feeling. If you or a loved one is struggling with a…

Woman Experiencing Relapse

Factors That Influence Relapse

Addiction recovery can be a lonely and difficult path. That’s why many people relapse. If you’ve relapsed and are using again, recognize that this doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you need more help to get back on track. Our professionals at Rockland Recovery Treatment Centers offer a relapse prevention plan to help you find…

Woman With Low Self-Esteem and Substance Use

Low Self-Esteem and Substance Use Disorders

Do you struggle with self-esteem? Not everyone is born with confidence in themselves. The environment and circumstances of your life may have contributed to low self-esteem where you may not think highly of yourself or have enough respect for who you are and what you’re capable of achieving. Yet, when a person displays signs of…


Healing Relationships

Addicts and alcoholics cannot maintain healthy relationships. They are “disconnected.” This does not mean they do not love their families and friends. Addicts care about their relationships every bit as much as non-addicts do. But like everything else in the addict’s life, relationships are mediated through the prism of drugs and alcohol. Because addiction is…

Man Experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder And Substance Abuse in Men

Do you have the winter blues? Do you find yourself facing mood switches that go from feeling good and motivated to lacking energy or interest in life? You may need support. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition that can bring these types of ups and downs and typically occurs during the winter months. Failure…


Young Men and the Challenges of Recovery

Young men face unprecedented challenges in recovery. This is amply evident in their presentation. Many come into treatment with an array of issues that were once quite rare. These include a shortened attention span, issues of identity, and a generalized apathy. Some observers describe it as a loss of social intelligence. These changes have caught…