Substance Abuse Treatment ProgramsSubstance abuse is on the rise in America today. Along with long-standing problems with alcohol, addictions to opioids are reaching epidemic proportions. In 2017, nearly 20 million people struggled with a drug or alcohol problem. It’s likely you know one or more. Perhaps you’re related to one. Or maybe it’s you. Therefore, finding substance abuse treatment programs that work for you or your loved one is vital.

Despite being glorified in the media, substance abuse still carries a heavy social stigma. This encourages addicts to hide their behavior and disguise their symptoms for as long as they’re able. As a result, their addiction may already be causing severe problems when they finally do seek help.

Trying to break free of a substance abuse problem can be intimidating, and going it alone is all but impossible. Thankfully, we’re here to help. At Rockland Recovery, our substance abuse treatment programs provide the structure and support you or someone you care about may need to overcome a substance abuse issue. Our substance abuse rehab in MA can guide you to a safe, sustainable recovery. Learn more from our team today by calling 855.732.4842 or completing our online form.

What Are Substance Abuse Treatment Programs?

At Rockland Recovery, we know that every addiction comes with issues unique to that patient. We staff our facilities in our substance abuse treatment center in MA with recovery specialists, such as doctors, nurses, and clinicians, ready to craft a program for your specific needs.

At Rockland Recovery, we offer the following substance abuse treatment programs:

Our only goal is to see that you get the treatment you need in a manner that works for you. We use the most effective methods known to medical science, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and more traditional 12-step programs.

We’re not here just to run you through your paces and release you back into the wild. We’re interested in your complete recovery, which includes your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Beating your addiction is only the beginning. Maintaining your recovery is a lifelong commitment.

Why Begin in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs?

There are quite a few options for substance abuse care, beginning with hospitalization and inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) and aftercare. For the most part, these correspond to specific phases of the recovery process and the patient’s needs at that time.

Outpatient treatment programs are most appropriate for patients who no longer require full-time care. These patients can live at home and take up their previous responsibilities as treatment allows. Outpatient care also offers advantages, such as:

  • Less expensive than inpatient services
  • Increased flexibility and freedom
  • Helps build and maintain new support systems
  • Supports safe return to everyday life

Also, our substance abuse treatment programs at Rockland Recovery are the perfect option for someone who is moving on from inpatient care to the next part of their journey to recovery. Substance abuse treatment programs prepare people for a return to daily life by developing coping skills that will help them combat relapses and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Rockland Recovery?

One of the strengths of substance abuse treatment at Rockland Recovery is our team of therapists and addiction specialists. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for addiction. Also, we recognize that addiction is a disease, not a lack of willpower or moral failing. So, we treat addiction as a disease that affects both mental and physical health and well-being.

We also believe that people seeking recovery have made the most courageous choice of their lives. As a result, we treat each person in our care with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our Rockland Recovery team is more like a family, so we treat people in our care like extended family members. Reach out to our team today and see how we can help you turn your life around and get you back on the right track.

Contact Rockland Recovery for Substance Abuse Treatment

Don’t let drugs and alcohol destroy your dreams. Life can get better. Rockland Recovery’s substance abuse treatment center will help you cast off your addiction for good and get started on the future you deserve. Substance abuse doesn’t just affect you; it impacts all those around you, like friends, family, loved ones, and even co-workers and peers. Finding help and getting the treatment necessary to beat addiction is something you do for yourself and for others.

At Rockland Recovery, we can give you the time and space to get drugs or alcohol out of your system through detox and into a program for recovery at our drug rehab in Massachusetts. You’ll learn new ways to deal with stress, cope with challenges, and identify and overcome triggers through therapy. So if you or someone you love needs has a substance abuse problem, please reach out to us at 855.732.4842 or complete our online form.