a group of people participate in Group activities for drug and alcohol therapy

Fun Group Activities for Drug and Alcohol Therapy

Group therapy is used often during substance abuse treatment. It is similar to individual therapy, except for involving a single therapist treating multiple clients simultaneously. Groups are typically kept to eight or fewer clients and are sometimes even more intimate with just three or four participants. This approach can be just as effective as individual…

a man struggles with fentanyl's effects on his brain

Fentanyl’s Effects on the Brain

Fentanyl is an incredibly potent pain reliever. It hails from the opioid family, which contains other drugs like morphine and heroin. Not all opioids are illegal. In fact, fentanyl itself retains some prescription uses. At the same time, fentanyl in its illicit form is incredibly dangerous. Overdose and even death are major risks from fentanyl…

a man benefits in men's fentanyl addiction treatment

5 Benefits of Men’s Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

The opioid crisis continues to wreak havoc and death in millions of Americans’ lives every year. Fentanyl is one of the biggest culprits in this public health emergency. It is a highly addictive type of opioid that can be hard to quit using without formal intervention. Fentanyl still has prescription uses in addition to the…

men are able to open up in men's fentanyl addiction treatment

What Is Men’s Fentanyl Addiction Treatment?

Fentanyl is a type of synthetic opioid. It is used as a prescription pain reliever to alleviate severe pain. At the same time, illegal fentanyl use has accelerated in recent years. It is incredibly addictive and even dangerous. Fentanyl overdoses account for a disproportionate amount of drug deaths each year. With these trends in place,…

a man checks into men's cocaine addiction treatment

What Is Men’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug. Using cocaine provides a boost of energy and a high feeling. Both men and women abuse cocaine, though rates of cocaine abuse tend to be higher among men. With this in mind, addiction treatment providers like Rockland Recovery prioritize men’s cocaine addiction treatment. The structure of men’s cocaine addiction treatment…

a woman in women's heroin addiction treatment

Women’s Heroin Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse remains a pervasive problem across American society. Women’s heroin abuse, in particular, has been exacerbated by the opioid crisis. Many women started out with a legal prescription opioid yet, over time, developed tolerance or dependence and thus sought out stronger drugs. Heroin abuse in women is a serious issue in need of dedicated…

a woman in women's fentanyl addiction treatment

Women’s Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Fentanyl is a type of opioid that is incredibly powerful. It is many times more potent than morphine and exponentially stronger than the types of opioids prescribed for pain relief like oxycontin and codeine. Recent data indicates that over 100 people die in the United States every day from opioid overdoses, with fentanyl being the…