The path to recovery is different for every patient. That’s why Rockland Recovery Treatment Center offers different levels of addiction treatment as part of a gradual or “stepped” approach to wellness. For instance, those still at a high risk of relapse may need the comprehensive care provided by an exclusively residential program. As they grow stronger, the next step is our partial hospitalization program, which increases an individual’s freedom along with their responsibilities by allowing them to return to their home or sober living facility. For patients who have gained enough control over their substance abuse problem to return to living at home, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is often the proper level of treatment. Although through our evening intensive outpatient program, individuals can choose whether they want to continue living with us or if they want to return to living at home.

As a more advanced step in the recovery process, patients in an IOP see their freedoms and responsibilities increase as they continue to progress.

What is an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program?

group of people in evening intensive outpatient programTypically, an evening intensive outpatient program requires patients to participate several hours a day, multiple days per week. The majority of this time is spent in group therapy, with other activities—such as individual therapy, meditation and mindfulness instruction, acupuncture, or massage—scheduled at regular intervals.

One of the key benefits of an evening intensive outpatient program is flexibility. Not only is it less time-consuming and rigidly scheduled as inpatient treatment, but it also provides a great deal of support and treatment while affording patients the ability to work, live at home, and begin to re-enter their normal lives.

While the evening intensive outpatient program offers a logical next step in the recovery progression, it can also serve as an appropriate first step for those who are unable to commit to full-time care or don’t require it. Limited time or strained finances can make in-patient treatment impossible for some, as can family obligations, work responsibilities, and a host of other factors. For these individuals, evening IOP can strike the perfect balance between needing to get well and having to honor existing commitments.

Evening IOP at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center

Rockland Recovery Treatment Center offers an evenings-only IOP program for those who need or prefer to undergo treatment at night. This is especially useful for those who need or choose to work while pursuing recovery, or whose duties make daytime treatment impossible.
While the hours are different, the program is the same. You’ll work with skilled caregivers and receive the same top-tier treatment as any of our other Rockland Recovery Treatment Center patients, just on a schedule made to work for you.

The evening IOP program at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center has numerous other benefits. They include:

  • A more affordable plan: Without the costs associated with a residential program, an IOP can be a better alternative for those with financial concerns.
  • A greater amount of freedom: Unlike a residential program, you’ll only be at our facility for a few hours a day on most weekdays, leaving you plenty of time to pursue interests outside of treatment.
  • Opportunities to build your support network: With more time to spend outside of treatment, you’ll be able to work on finding the resources you’ll need to maintain lasting sobriety well after your treatment is over.
  • More continuity: By attending an IOP program, you’ll be able to work, go to school, keep up with family duties, and maintain many of the obligations of your life while still receiving treatment.

Recovering from addiction can be challenging. Fitting effective treatment into your schedule shouldn’t be. At Rockland Recovery Treatment Center, we want to make sure you can get the help you need at a time that works for you.

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