men's rehab center programIt is no secret that men have more trouble taking the first step towards addiction recovery. The clinical evidence is clear. Men are simply less likely to reach out for help when they are struggling with substance abuse issues. This failure to reach out is due at least in part to the fact that men are taught from the time that they are young that showing weakness and admitting the need for help is embarrassing or unmanly. Our focus at the men’s rehab center at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center in Weymouth, MA, is on helping men to overcome that stigma as they deal with their addictive behaviors.

And it is also clear that these differences between men and women do not just affect how they deal with addiction and the extent to which they are willing to seek help. Evidence also indicates that these differences extend to how men and women respond to treatment. At our men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, we understand that each person struggling with addiction issues — and each path to recovery — is different. What we offer in our men’s rehab program in Weymouth, MA is so essential.

With a Little Help From My Friends

Whatever the ideal approach for someone suffering at the hands of a substance use problem, one thing is clear to us here at the men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA: going in alone is far more likely to lead to relapse. In fact, depending upon the severity of your addiction, attempting to detox and recover alone can have potentially damaging side effects. It could even be deadly. Addiction is a disease. So, like any illness, it needs to be addressed by a professional for individuals to heal properly. Rarely, if ever, does addiction go away on it own or can someone beat addiction by themselves. Often, they think they have, they’ve really just masked the issue. Substance use disorder is complicated. It changes the way your body responds to things. Your brain chemistry changes making you dependent upon drugs or alcohol. Without professional help to heal both physically and mentally, few ever truly recover.

At our men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, we focus on building supportive relationships between men. We hope these bonds last beyond the time of your stay with us at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center. The key to extended recovery — recovery without relapse — is a support structure of peers, mentors, and friends. This support network will be there for you when you feel alone or feel like giving up or giving in.

The Advantages of Men’s Rehab Center Program

The men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, can provide advantages that a more general program cannot. The benefits include:

  • The comfort that comes from working with other men
  • A network of support and male camaraderie that is both deeper and more extensive than a general rehab program
  • Therapy that encourages open lines of communication and supportive relationships with peers
  • Individually-tailored treatment programs for the physiological and emotional issues that are specific to men struggling with addiction.

The advantages of a men’s rehab treatment program are clear. When you are ready to reach out for help with your substance abuse problem, reach out to the professionals at the men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA.

Don’t Wait — Call Rockland Recovery Today

If you are reading this page, you have already taken the first step toward sobriety. And now it is time to take a second step: one that could mean taking your life back. Continue your journey on the road to recovery at the men’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, today. When you’re ready to get started, or if you just want more information, call us at 855.732.4842. Our staff is waiting for your call.