What is a Day Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

woman on beach in day partial hospitalization programThere are many levels of care for someone struggling with a substance abuse problem. There are full-time, residential programs, to much lower-impact outpatient care. Programs like Rockland Recovery’s day partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA, hold a very special place in the world of rehabilitation and recovery. Inpatient or residential recovery programs can be a useful first step in the battle against addiction through detoxification and round-the-clock care. And outpatient care programs can offer the flexibility that recovering addicts need when reintegrating into their everyday lives. But many providers fail to provide a crucial in-between step.

The day partial hospitalization program allows patients who are ready to leave a residential program but who still require a high level of support and the unique chance to ease their way out of their more intensive program, and into a more flexible outpatient program. An ideal candidate for our day partial hospitalization program is someone who has received some initial care for their substance abuse problem but is having trouble managing their symptoms. They might also need help managing their medications. Most importantly, an ideal candidate for our program continues to need a highly structured environment for up to six hours a day while they still reside at home or with us in residence. If this sounds like you, then Rockland Recovery Treatment Center’s day partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA, may be right for you.

Advantages of Rockland Recovery’s Day Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

For individuals who’ve looked over their options and settled upon a day partial hospitalization program, there are numerous benefits. The transition from a more residential program to a day PHP or the move into one to get the treatment one knows one needs can be daunting. Fortunately, Rockland Recovery has a skilled team of staff members who can make a day partial hospitalization program an easy fit. There are many advantages to a program that offers this kind of transition. Some of the most prominent of these are:

  • PHPs are simply less expensive than inpatient programs that are exclusively residential. Because there is no residential requirement, top-rated facilities like the daytime partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA can offer the same services at a lower price
  • Along these same lines, more insurance companies are likely to cover our daytime partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA, for precisely the reason that they are less expensive than residential treatment facilities while generally providing the same level of quality care
  • The kind of service that Rockland Recovery’s daytime PHP in Weymouth, MA offers an important and often-overlooked type of transition between inpatient and outpatient care, and as such, is an essential step toward reintegration into everyday life
  • Daytime PHPs allow the recovering patient to fulfill the obligations of work, school, family, and social life, while still receiving the high standard of care that is so important to recovery.

If these aspects of a daytime PHP sound beneficial to you, then the partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA, might be the right choice.

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There are many paths to recovery, and every person suffering at the hands of a substance abuse problem is at a different stage in their journey. But if the severity of your addiction is no longer such that you require the intensive care of a residential program, you continue to need the structure of a treatment facility. Our day partial hospitalization program in Weymouth, MA, might be right for you. Call Rockland Recovery Treatment Center today at 855.732.4842. You’ll be glad you did.