If you are suffering from painkiller addiction, you are most likely in need of residential treatment. Some of the painkillers, including opioids, lead to physical addictions that can be life-threatening. These illegal drugs, as well as prescription medications when abused, cause significant changes to the body. Without proper professional help and medical supervision, most individuals won’t overcome the disease of addiction alone. Let us help.

At Rockland Recovery, our wide array of substance abuse treatment programs, including our painkiller addiction rehab in Massachusetts, provides the comprehensive care that most people need to overcome addiction. Contact our team today by calling 855.732.4842 or filling out our online form to find out more about how our treatment programs may be the key to your recovery.

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Benefits of our Weymouth, MA Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program

The primary reason individuals go through painkiller addiction treatment is to support a long-term goal of sober living. By having a professionally managed medical detox facilitating your entry into treatment, you can start this treatment successfully. From there, our painkiller addiction rehab in MA offers outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment programs.

This includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), as well as counseling and group therapy services. Medication-assisted treatment uses specific medications to address the needs of patients. Some medications reduce cravings while others lessen the withdrawal symptoms patients experience. No matter what MAT program patients participate in, they have medical professionals overseeing their progress, ensuring proper usage, as well as counselors and therapists helping them through the mental side of addiction. That way, you can find the therapy that works for you throughout your time here at our Weymouth, MA, painkiller addiction treatment program. Serving the Northeast region, we are ready to be a part of your journey to successful treatment for substance issues.

What to Expect at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center

When deciding whether to move to Rockland Recovery Treatment Center for treatment, you want to have a full spectrum idea of what to expect.

From there, we will supply you with an application process that is easiest for you or your loved one. If you have questions about insurance, please let us know, and we can assist you. We understand the payment process is concerning. Often, it’s one of the obstacles to getting started with a program. Here at our painkiller addiction treatment center in MA, we have a scholarship opportunity.

For all of the men entering our painkiller addiction rehab center in MA, we provide a scholarship that will pay for all of your residential expenses. That way, you can manage treatment and housing costs without worry. This can help you overcome a major roadblock in the process of treatment and recovery. The Family Restored charity, a nonprofit organization, offs the scholarship.

Also, we offer the Zack’s Team Foundation Overdose Awareness Scholarship and Dennis Messing Memorial Foundation (DMMF) Scholarship to cover your costs. Our painkiller addiction rehab center may be just what you or someone you care about needs to overcome a painkiller addiction.

Programs at Rockland Recovery

Our Dorchester and Rockland, MA houses are well suited for short-term care. Also, you can get assistance with outpatient treatment for sober living. This includes access to the 12-step program that is also available for all of the residents in our sober living homes.

Other programs at Rockland Recovery include:

  • Men’s rehab center program – Some men may be more comfortable in a men-only treatment setting. This may be due to the outdated idea that men should be stoic and never show emotion. Our men’s rehab center program allows men to share openly and truly embrace recovery.
  • Women’s rehab center program – By the same token, many women prefer to progress through treatment in a program specifically designed for women. At Rockland Recovery, we proudly offer women the rehab center program they deserve, with comprehensive and compassionate care.
  • Day partial hospitalization program – The key benefit of our day partial hospitalization program is its flexibility. Its limited schedule allows you to continue to meet work, school, or family obligations, while still receiving the essential care for your recovery.
  • Day intensive outpatient program – Our day intensive outpatient program is an excellent option for people who don’t have the time or resources to commit to full-time treatment.
  • Evening intense outpatient program – An evening intense outpatient program allows people to work during the day and receive outstanding addiction treatment at night.

Begin to Heal from Addiction at Rockland Recovery

When you are ready to take that next step in choosing a treatment facility for your needs, let our Rockland Recovery team help.

Learn more about our painkiller addiction treatment program today to get started by calling 855.732.4842 or completing our online form. We are ready to assist you or your loved one from the first day of intake into our 12-Step sober living center. Get addiction help if you’re struggling with substance disorder issues. We are glad you are taking this next step in finding the right treatment program for your needs so you can get your life back on track.