woman smiling thanks to women's rehab center programEveryone needs something different from recovery. Time has taught us that there as many roads to recovery as there are people who need help battling addiction. Often, men and women approach the world in different ways. Therefore, it’s not surprising that they require different approaches to recovery. This is the foundational principle of the women’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA.

More and more data demonstrates that men and women not only respond to addiction in different ways, but that their approaches to rehabilitation, recovery, and reintegration into their everyday lives are different as well. At the women’s rehab center at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center, we tailor each therapeutic approach to each individual. This is why patients at our women’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, can be sure that they are getting the care best suited to them: care that will give them the tools to beat their addiction and take control of their lives.

Why a Women’s Rehab Center?

The answer is simple: women and men have different needs when it comes to rehabilitation. While men have more trouble admitting that they have a problem, women are more likely to understand when addiction is getting in the way of them fulfilling their obligations to their families, employers, and the people in their social circles.

At the women’s rehab center at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center in Weymouth, MA, and our sober living homes in Rockland, MA we have also found that women benefit enormously from being given a venue for communicating effectively with other women. This is especially true when it comes to topics like motherhood, their families and children, their romantic relationships and partners, and their experience of being female in the workplace. In short, women recover from addiction more effectively in the company of other women.

The Question of Violence

It is also an unhappy fact that many women seeking help for their addiction issues have been emotionally and physically abused by the men in their lives. Many have been sexually assaulted. And so another reason that in our women’s rehab program in Weymouth, MA, we leave men out of the equation during the rehab and recovery period is to create a safe space in which women can express themselves freely without worry or distraction.

At our women’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, you will experience an environment that’s supportive, kind, and understanding, and run by experienced professionals. Speaking about and working through these issues surrounded and supported by peers who have been in your shoes can be a life-changing experience.

The Advantage of Gender-Exclusive Care

Men and women deal with drugs and alcohol, addiction, relapse, and rehabilitation differently. The treatment we provide in the women’s rehab program in Weymouth, MA, brings with it several advantages. These include:

  • Group therapy, encouraging more open lines of communication and peer support
  • A deeper network of support that lasts far beyond the confines of the program
  • A higher level of comfort among fellow female patients
  • Treatment focused on the specific emotional and psychological issues unique to women dealing with addiction.

If you know you need rehab but are unsure, our women’s center might be right for you.

It’s Time to Reach Out

You know your needs better than anyone. But the time never seems right. We’re here to tell you that you can’t push off dealing with your addiction issues indefinitely. Addiction doesn’t go away. Not until you make that call. You are ready to take your life back. And at Rockland Recovery’s women’s rehab center in Weymouth, MA, we are here to help. Call us today at 855.732.4842 to take your first step towards independence. We’re here for you.