woman suffering from alcohol addiction

Who Does Alcohol Addiction Affect?

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol addiction, you are kidding yourself if you don’t think that yourself and others are affected by this condition. Alcohol addiction can affect anyone, no matter their age, occupation, gender, or anything else. The effects of the addiction impact the person with the problem, but it also…

woman wondering what is alcohol rehab

What is Alcohol Rehab?

Accepting that you have been experiencing problems with alcohol is the first step in overcoming and healing from an addiction. The next step should be seeking treatment from a medical facility or an addiction treatment center program. However, the idea of joining a rehabilitation program can be scary and overwhelming for many people. This can…

woman discussing liver damage signs with a professional

6 Signs of Liver Damage

Your liver works hard to ensure your body is in great shape. This vital organ filters your blood, detoxifying substances you’ve ingested. However, when individuals abuse drugs and alcohol, the liver can become overwhelmed and suffer damage. If you believe you are suffering from liver damage in MA, then reach out to Rockland Recovery Center to…

woman maintaining positivity during rehab

Maintaining Positivity During Rehab

Maintaining positivity during rehab isn’t always easy. Rehab is an acknowledgment that someone is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and needs support to heal and recover. Rockland Recovery Center offers comprehensive and customized care to individuals looking to heal and overcome their substance use disorder or addiction. Part of this process is learning how to maintain…

man thinking about risk factors for addiction

How Risk Factors for Addiction Determine Who Develops a Disorder

Do you know someone who suffers from substance abuse disorder and needs to seek help from a substance abuse treatment program? Surprisingly, the odds are good that you do, though you may not realize it. Addiction is a chronic disease that doesn’t discriminate. Accordingly, it can affect your next-door neighbor, your child’s teacher, or your…

group getting treatment for heroin addiction

When You’re Ready to Seek Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin, an addictive opioid drug, is known by several names, including big H, smack, horse, or hell dust. People use heroin to make themselves feel better. Opioids act on your body as depressants. That’s to say, they slow your respiration, slow your reflexes, and make you feel cozily calm and relaxed. Many people self-medicate with heroin…

group getting treatment for alcohol addiction

A Guide for Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

It’s hard to go through challenges and hard times in life. For many, it’s equally as difficult to watch a loved one struggle. If you care for someone who battles alcohol use disorder, you’ve witnessed the problems addiction causes. Financial difficulties, relationship troubles, and job loss are all side-effects of becoming chemically dependent upon alcohol.…