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What Are Fun Sober Activities to Do in the Fall?

Fun Sober Activities to Do in the Fall

For those with alcohol or drug dependency issues, staying sober may become more difficult if people around you are partying and having a different type of good time than the one you were planning. If you are new to sobriety, a sober living home may be an option to consider to stay on the road to recovery.

At Rockland Recovery, our sober living program can help you continue to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Once you are in recovery, you can learn to enjoy life again without addiction getting in the way. This includes fun sober activities in the fall. Learn more about sober living in Massachusetts from our team by calling 855.732.4842 or completing our online form.

Examples of Fun Sober Activities

Summer’s over, and the leaves are beginning to change color on the trees. Before winter sets in and you are confined to the house more than you would like to be, get out and have some fun.

Some examples of fun sober activities include:

  • Let’s go hiking – Getting out of the house and breathing in some fresh air on a trail while hiking is a sure way to fill your lungs with unfiltered fresh air. Invite your family or friends to join you and show them that sober fun is still fun.
  • Read a book or write in your journal –  Find a quiet place to crack open that mystery novel or childhood memoir you have been looking forward to finally reading, or write in a journal to remind yourself why recovery is important to you.
  • Plan ahead –  Plan for those moments for the times when you might relapse. Take a walk or do a little sightseeing while the others in your group.
  • Attend a meeting – Peer support can be vital to keep you on the right track.
  • Meditation – Find some time to take an inner vacation. That’s right. Get inside your head with some meditation and mentally unwind.
  • Find a local event to attend – There are all kinds of activities to keep people from sticking with the same old routine. Find something fun to do and invite a few sober friends to come along.
  • The buddy system – Knowing that you may be tempted to relapse when in a social situation, ask a good friend to keep an eye on you. They can still engage in all the fun at the party while ensuring you have as much fun as everyone else.

You can experience these activities with the peers that you meet in our sober living program.

Benefits of a Sober Living Program

At Rockland Recovery, our sober living homes offer you the support of peers who are working on maintaining their sobriety just like you. It also provides you with some structure, so you do not have to wonder what you will do with your free time. On-site house managers make sure everyone in the house is abiding by the rules, which helps keep you on track to stay sober and is one of the reasons people agree to live in the home.

Enjoy Fall Sober Activities with Support from Rockland Recovery

Living in a sober living home gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy someone else’s company. At the same time, you take part in an activity that will not conflict with your desire to avoid drugs and alcohol. You and your peers can enjoy fun, sober activities in the fall and all year-round.

At Rockland Recovery, we have three sober living homes in Dorchester, Milton, and Rockland, Massachusetts. They all have spacious rooms and living areas with new and well-kept furnishings. If you’re interested in sober living in MA, we can be reached online or at 855.732.4842 for you to take the first step on your journey to wellness and recovery.

Medical Reviewer Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Medically Reviewed by Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Kate is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has worked in the field of substance abuse for the last nine years. At Rockland Recovery, Kate works to provide resources to the local community and engage and progress Rockland Recovery’s alumni program.


Take the First Step Toward Recovery.

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