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Staying Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

man enjoying sober group activities on Memorial Day

Staying sober on Memorial Day weekend can be challenging for many individuals with alcohol addiction issues. This is often true even for those that have completed an alcohol addiction treatment program. However, learning some holiday sobriety tips for Memorial Day weekend can help people enjoy sober activities that do not include drinking alcohol. If you are worried about staying sober on Memorial Day weekend, Rockland Recovery has some information that can help you have a great time during the holiday without drinking alcohol.

The Struggles of Staying Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

The holidays are typically a time for celebration, which includes drinking alcohol. Memorial Day is no exception. Many people consider Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, which likely accounts for many people who drink alcohol during this time. People often cook their favorite foods on the grill and host backyard parties to celebrate the holiday. Other people drink alone, forgoing the holiday fanfare altogether.

Family members or friends may tempt people that they know have alcohol addiction issues. They may even make false statements like, “One drink is not going to hurt you.” Listening to risky statements may tempt people in need of treatment or those who have recently completed a men’s rehab center program or a women’s rehab center program.

Attending Memorial Day gatherings may lead to other temptations that threaten sobriety, leading to the need to complete a drug addiction treatment program or seek help for a relapse. Another consequence of risky drinking on Memorial Day is the risk of injury or death. Several sources that gather statistics related to injuries, vehicle accidents, and alcohol-related deaths over Memorial Day indicate that statistics have risen in recent years. Find the support you need at Rockland Recovery, and learn how to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday without alcohol.

How to Avoid Triggers and Enjoy Sober Group Activities

The best way to abstain from drinking alcohol is to avoid situations where alcohol is served, including throughout Memorial Day weekend. Many people have discovered that their best holiday celebrations are those without alcohol.

There are several risks possibly linked to drinking alcohol during the early summer fun of Memorial Day. Some risks include:

  • Impaired judgment which may lead to injury or death associated with operating boats or other water vehicles or ATVs
  • Swimming and alcohol are a dangerous pair that poses a risk even to experienced swimmers
  • Dehydration caused by fluid loss may occur from perspiration and alcohol
  • People that drink are less likely to follow health-related guidelines over a holiday

Other risks associated with drinking over the holiday include the fact that more than half of all individuals that misuse prescription opioids also engage in binge drinking. Passing opioids around, along with drinking alcohol during the backyard BBQ or other event, is extremely dangerous. In fact, opioid consumption can pose the same risks as people who have a fentanyl addiction or need another substance abuse treatment program.

“Think before you drink” is more than a phrase used by some ad agencies. It is a concept that may save your life or the life of another person. Enjoying sober activities helps you to protect your safety and the safety of others while also engaging in fun activities to welcome summer.

Attend alcohol-free celebrations or host a Memorial Day celebration at your home. Leave events where alcohol is served to avoid triggers.

Contact Rockland Recovery for Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Sober Living

Rockland Recovery offers a variety of treatment approaches and plans based on the needs of each client. We provide an alcohol addiction treatment program that focuses on guiding every client through recovery. This includes clients that need first-time treatment, those in need of long-term treatment, or that would benefit from a sober living home after completing treatment.

Contact us today at 855.732.4842 to learn more about staying sober over the Memorial Day weekend and to take back control over your life, starting today.

Medical Reviewer Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Medically Reviewed by Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Kate is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has worked in the field of substance abuse for the last nine years. At Rockland Recovery, Kate works to provide resources to the local community and engage and progress Rockland Recovery’s alumni program.


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