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3 Signs You Could Benefit from Drug Rehab

a woman wonders if she could benefit from drug rehab

If you have a substance abuse disorder, it is much more of a problem when you fail to recognize why you need rehab. However, for many people, drug addiction treatment can be very beneficial in the recovery process.

Finding a reputable drug rehab facility to help with your recovery is equally important if you want to shake off your old behavior and reestablish your life. You don’t have to wait until the signs that stand in the way of everyday life take a heavy toll on you before you decide to look for assistance. Rockland Recovery’s drug rehab program is specifically designed for your individual treatment needs and can give you the tools to end your dependence on drugs.  But, what are some signs that you may need to enter a drug rehab program?

3 Signs You Could Benefit from Drug Rehab

1. Lack of Self-Control Due to Addiction

Substance use interferes with your capacity to exercise self-restraint. Finding drugs to take becomes a priority instead of going to work, dining with your family, or behaving respectfully in public. Your loved ones may increasingly express concerns about your drug use. Also, your drug use has become unmanageable, and you risk negatively impacting your everyday life in various ways such as:

  • Suspension from school or college
  • Contacting STIs due to irresponsible sexual practices
  • Breaking the law due to the purchase and use of illicit drugs
  • Termination from work
  • Broken relationships

You can build new habits and regain self-control and dignity through drug rehab programs at Rockland Recovery, like 12-step guidance for addiction. With access to people you can share in your experiences, you learn to become responsible for your actions.

2. Your Health Is Declining

Has a person in your life recently told you that they had noticed a change in your health? Substance abuse causes catastrophic health changes that you may not see due to your clouded judgment, or you may intentionally ignore them. The changes come after months or years of drug use. For some, the changes may start even appearing after just weeks of use.

You need to join an addiction treatment program before the substance abuse begins to drastically affect the two main aspects of your health, including:

  • Physical health –  Physical effects occur due to diseases or injuries drugs cause to particular body organs such as the liver, skin, lungs, or body parts like the legs and fingers. The extent of damage depends on the type of substance you are abusing and the length you have been using.
  • Mental health – Victims often manifest hallucinations, agitation, confusion, or an inclination towards risky behavior.

3. You Have an Underlying Mental Health Issue

There is a correlation between mental health disorders and substance use disorders. A pre-existing mental health issue such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression often predisposes a person to drug use. Millions of Americans who are living with mental health conditions are also struggling with drug addiction.

The existence of a co-occurring condition usually complicates the recovery process during drug rehab. It is not only the addiction problem that needs addressing but also the mental health condition. Therefore, a substance abuse treatment program that addresses both your primary disease and the substance use disorder is essential to giving you the best shot at recovery.

Contact Rockland Recovery to Enroll in Drug Rehab

With a sober living home in Rockland and another in the Dorchester neighborhood, you can begin your journey to ending your problematic substance abuse disorder within a therapeutic and safe living environment. We provide you an opportunity to benefit from the best treatment modalities with our daily partial hospitalization program plus community housing.

If you or someone you love lives in the Boston area and wants help breaking free of drug addiction, get in touch with us at 855.732.4842, and we will get you on the road to recovery.

Medical Reviewer Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Medically Reviewed by Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Kate is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has worked in the field of substance abuse for the last nine years. At Rockland Recovery, Kate works to provide resources to the local community and engage and progress Rockland Recovery’s alumni program.


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