Woman Receiving Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

How Bipolar Disorder Impacts Substance Use

Manic depression is one of the two components of bipolar disorder. This mental health condition involves a cycle of very highs, called mania, and very lows, called manic depression. When bipolar occurs, a person feels unable to control emotions, behaviors, and even quality of life that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. There is…

Man Participating In 12 Step Program

Benefits of Experienced 12-Step Guidance for Addiction

For several decades, 12-step programs have been helping people overcome the difficulties of drug or alcohol addiction. Although it may have started as a program known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), it extended quickly to help people with other substance abuse issues. Through 12-step guidance for addiction, you can gain the tools for recovery you need.…

Doctor Discussing Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Options

Types of Care Available for Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug with a potency that is much greater than even morphine. In some instances, this substance is used in pharmaceutical settings for patients with cancer pain. However, most of the time, people use it illegally and become addicted. Because of the high potency of fentanyl, it is extremely dangerous. Many…

Young People Attending Addiction Treatment

Which Level of Addiction Treatment Care Is Right For You?

Substance abuse disorder affects people differently, but the common factor is that abusing drugs or alcohol leads to severe life issues. From health issues to relationship problems, addiction interferes with virtually every aspect of your life. Professional addiction treatment is necessary for you to put your life back in order. Rockland Recovery has programs that…

Participants Learning At Addiction Treatment Therapy

What Will You Learn in Addiction Treatment Therapy?

When managing a substance abuse issue, it’s critical to find the appropriate addiction treatment therapy. Your future will be brighter as you discover the benefits of therapy. Addiction treatment therapy at Rockland Recovery is your first step on the journey to healing and recovery. What Are the Different Types of Addiction Treatments? The foundation of…