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Could Wine Mom Culture Cause Addiction?

woman holding large glass of red wine part of wine mom culture

Wine seems like a simple, easy way to get some relief after a long day. If you check out social media, you’ll see many women talking about needing a glass of wine after spending all day dealing with the frustrations of children and spouses. Yet, this wine mom culture is dangerous. For some, it can lead to addiction. At Rockland Recovery Treatment Center, we want to give you the alcohol addiction treatment programs you may need to avoid these complications.

What Is Wine Mom Culture?

You may hear a lot about wine mom culture. It is a social media trend promoted heavily by wine manufacturers around the world. Its premise is simple. After a long day, you deserve a glass of wine. On social media, it has made enjoying that glass of wine somewhat of a socially acceptable way of drinking alcohol. It’s also developed into a fad in which women see no harm in enjoying a drink or two to cope with the stress of their day.

There’s no doubt your job as a mother is complex and challenging. Sure it has rewards, too, but it can be draining. That simple glass of wine may become a much-needed break for you. Yet, it may not be safe for you.

Can Addiction Develop from Wine?

What wine mom culture has done is to create a situation in which women see it as socially acceptable to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day and share that they are doing so on social media. Yet, this really can create addiction risks. Alcohol abuse occurs when you are drinking on a routine basis even if you are drinking a small amount. Having a drink like this most days, then, could be putting you at risk. These risks are amplified in those people who are predisposed to substance use through genetic makeup.

While it may seem like wine mom culture is meant to be fun or playful, it can be risky. Regular and repeated alcohol use alters brain chemistry leading individuals to become dependent or addicted. When this happens, individuals need to drink more and more to be able to function normally. When someone becomes addicted, their use of alcohol is less about pleasure and more about keeping withdrawal symptoms at bay. These symptoms can range from discomfort to pain.

Do You Have a Wine Problem?

Perhaps you are looking at wine mom culture and realizing it is in fact putting you at risk. You may recognize that drinking alcohol isn’t a good way to deal with your emotions. It is also not a healthy manner to deal with stress, frustration, anxiety, or loneliness, all of which can happen in these situations.

Do you need help? If so, our team offers the support you need through comprehensive addiction help. This includes:

  • Alcohol treatment programs
  • Women’s rehab centers with customized care
  • Partial hospitalization treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Continuing care programs

While wine may seem like no big deal to some people, having just that glass a day with friends over social media can be enough to put you at risk. To break that addiction, turn to our team for immediate help and the guidance you need. We can help you.

Secure Your Future – Call Rockland Recovery Treatment Center Today

Being a part of the wine mom culture is putting you at risk. If you are using alcohol and know you need help, our team at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center has the tools and resources to help you. You need to take the first step. Call us at 855.732.4842, speak to our dedicated professionals, and get on the path to recovery.

Medical Reviewer Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Medically Reviewed by Kate Perfetti, LADC II

Kate is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor who has worked in the field of substance abuse for the last nine years. At Rockland Recovery, Kate works to provide resources to the local community and engage and progress Rockland Recovery’s alumni program.


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