What if you could live in a space that’s designed to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction? There’s some freedom, but there’s lots of support. In a sober living home in Rockland, MA, you can have that benefit. Our treatment options at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center empower you to engage in the ongoing support you need to finally rebuild your life. How can this type of treatment work for you?

residents at Sober Living Home Rockland MA talkingWhat Is a Sober Living Home in Rockland, MA?

For some, life after completing treatment can be a challenge. What matters the most in healing from addiction is laying the groundwork for a lasting recovery. This means not rushing into decisions or situations before one is ready or has the necessary resources to cope with issues that may arise. For some individuals, using a sober living home is an excellent way to make the transition between a treatment program and everyday living. In a sober living home, individuals will spend time living in a modern, comfortable home. This property is designed for single, double, or triple occupancy. There are new furnishings and this home is incredibly well kept. It’s a place you’ll want to spend time with. Check out what our sober living homes look like.

You’ll share this space with people who are going through the same thing you are. There are onsite house managers to offer direction and to provide support. You are engaged fully in the community. You’ll have responsibilities to maintain. You’ll need to be able to work with and live with other people. Our sober living home in Rockland, MA is designed to help you gain life skills and confidence.

What Care Is Provided Here?

Many men and women who need to use our sober living home in Rockland, MA do so because they are not ready to step back into daily life. They are faced with numerous risk factors at the home they used to live in. Others do not have a home to go back to just yet. In a sober living home, you’ll be welcomed and treated with respect.

We offer a wide range of services in these homes. That includes:

  • 12-step guidance
  • Referrals for work and school
  • Volunteer and community resources
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Living skills support

In our women’s rehab center and men’s rehab center, you will have access to the level of care you need. Our sober living homes are an extension of this. You’ll gain access to the quality of care that’s needed and right for you at any given time.

Finding the Right First Step into Care

When you are looking for help, you may be unsure where to start. Many people should begin their journey with day partial hospitalization treatment or day intensive outpatient treatment. In these programs, you’ll learn how to live a sober lifestyle and how to manage your addiction.

Sober living homes are a way for you to step back into life once you have the drugs out of your system. They are a stepping stone to creating the life you want to live. The key is using them fully and getting the most out of them that you can. For many people, this is what can help to define your long-term success.

Find the Support You Need at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center

You don’t have to worry about what’s next for you. With our sober living home in Rockland, MA, you are empowered to find the treatment and support you need. Contact our team at Rockland Recovery Treatment Center to learn what sober living homes can do for you. Call 855.732.4842 to learn more today.