Like all addictions, opiate addiction is a complex issue that has no quick and easy solutions that work for everyone. The right Weymouth, MA opiate addiction treatment program includes numerous components. It is a program tailored to meet your exact needs.

woman in therapy circle at Rockland MA opiate addiction treatment programWhen Do You Need Opiate Addiction Treatment?

A person who has an opiate addiction is likely going to need professional assistance with their treatment. This often starts with a medically supervised detoxification. After that is completed, your ongoing treatment continues in a supportive, compassionate, and professional environment.

Symptoms a Weymouth, MA Opiate Addiction Treatment Program Treats

In many cases, you or your loved one might not be able to tell that a Weymouth, MA opiate addiction treatment program is something that you need. Several different symptoms can help you assess whether treatment is a good option for you. These include:

  • Developing a tolerance for opioids
  • Having strong and/or irresistible cravings to use opioids
  • Cutting out important social, work, and/or family activities because of opioid use
  • Continuing to use opioids despite negative consequences
  • Relationships with family members, work, and/or friends begin to suffer
  • Much of your time is spent getting and using opioids or recovering after using
  • Wanting to stop using or cut back but having difficulty doing so
  • Using more opioids than you intended or using them for longer than you had planned
  • Posing a danger to yourself or others because of using opioids in situations that are dangerous such as while around children or while you’re driving
  • Strong cravings to use opioids

Inpatient vs. Outpatient: Which Should You Choose?

Knowing which Weymouth, MA opiate addiction treatment center program is right for you depends a great deal on the individual factors that are going on in your life, the severity of your addiction, the availability of treatment, and more. In general, opting for inpatient treatment is the best option for the majority of people.

Choosing inpatient opiate addiction treatment provides you with support, structure, and stability, which are important factors during your recovery. Having access to a compassionate and professional staff 24/7 ensures that you always have the services you need — when you need them.

A Weymouth, MA opiate addiction treatment program that is outpatient, on the other hand, can be a good choice as a transitional step. Once you’ve completed an inpatient program and are ready to move forward in your recovery, outpatient treatment is a good next step.

Outpatient treatment allows you to live at home while also taking advantage of frequent access to highly-trained and support staff, therapy, and more. Outpatient treatment might also be a good option if you have a strong support system at home. If you aren’t able to commit to an inpatient program because of family, work, and/or other responsibilities at home, outpatient treatment might be ideal.

Finding The Right Weymouth, MA Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

No person experiences addiction in the same way. Therefore, no two individuals will have the same path to recovery. When in treatment, every patient needs different things from their addiction treatment program, the following are some attributes of the best centers:

  • Aftercare planning such as 12-step programs or sober living program in Rockland, MA
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Low client-to-staff ratio
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Holistic services such as massage, yoga, and recreational activities
  • Comprehensive treatment that addresses the mind, body, social, and soul
  • Appropriately licensed and certified

At Rockland Recovery Treatment Center, our licensed and certified addiction staff are supportive and compassionate. Delivering evidence-based treatment that is tailored to meet your unique needs, we invite you to contact us today at 855.732.4842 to learn more about how we can help you recover from opiate addiction.