man staring off wondering about personality and alcohol dependence

Personality and Alcohol Dependence: How Are They Related?

If you have a specific type of personality, you could be more susceptible to problems with alcohol or other substances. The link between personality and alcohol dependence isn’t widely known, but the belief is that an “addictive” personality is something that people have. When they do, they’re more likely to get involved with drugs and…

woman in darkness with two drinks experiencing the dangers of binge drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is something that is often thought of in regards to college frat parties or high school parties at someone’s house when the parents are gone. Unofficially binge drinking is the act of drinking until you’re drunk. Officially, it is defined as a man drinking five or more drinks or a woman drinking four…

woman laughing in bar while drinking making others wonder Is My Loved One an Alcoholic

Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

Anyone who has seen a loved one fall deeper and deeper under the influence of alcohol has asked themself at one time or another, “Is my loved one an alcoholic?” Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a person has crossed the line from being simply a heavy drinker to being an alcoholic. It’s…

woman sitting next to bed in dark drinking showing Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a common part of households throughout the world. It is legal once you have reached a certain age and is considered acceptable in all types of environments. While most people can handle a drink here and there, some people either have a tendency to overdo it on a regular basis or find that’s…

woman taking pills showing signs of drug addiction

Signs of Drug Addiction

Signs of drug addiction can be almost unnoticeable at first. In time, however, they become more pronounced. It’s not unusual for the loved ones of an individual to among the first to experience the signs of addiction. Since they are the closest to an individual, they first notice the changes that are taking place as addiction takes…

man looking through window wondering about Signs of Opioid Addiction

Signs of Opioid Addiction

Many people think that addiction happens due to someone being careless with the consumption of substances that are known to have a risk of addiction, as though it is basic irresponsibility. Unfortunately, some circumstances can throw a typically-sober person into an addiction, such as surgery forcing a person to take pain pills for a non-recreational…