group getting treatment for heroin addiction

When You’re Ready to Seek Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin, an addictive opioid drug, is known by several names, including big H, smack, horse, or hell dust. People use heroin to make themselves feel better. Opioids act on your body as depressants. That’s to say, they slow your respiration, slow your reflexes, and make you feel cozily calm and relaxed. Many people self-medicate with heroin…

group getting treatment for alcohol addiction

A Guide for Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

It’s hard to go through challenges and hard times in life. For many, it’s equally as difficult to watch a loved one struggle. If you care for someone who battles alcohol use disorder, you’ve witnessed the problems addiction causes. Financial difficulties, relationship troubles, and job loss are all side-effects of becoming chemically dependent upon alcohol.…

man getting help through gender specific treatment

Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment in Substance Abuse Recovery

Why treat men and women separately during addiction recovery? Is gender-specific treatment really necessary? To answer these questions, we should consider how addiction affects men and women differently. At Rockland Recovery Center, we understand that some individuals will heal more effectively in gender-specific programs. Therefore, we provide both women’s rehab programs and men’s rehab programs to…

man holding pills and alcohol experiencing the dangers of mixing substances

Do You Know the Dangers of Mixing Substances?

Mixing substances, such as alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs, is very risky. While some people do so to experience a combination of sensations, doing so can cause severe damage to the body. Some people do this because they want to achieve a high that they cannot get from using one substance alone. Other times,…


Depth Psychology and Addiction

At Rockland Recovery, we believe that recovery is not about abstinence, but connection. Therefore, recovery almost always involves the healing of family and community. To someone new to treatment this may seem like a daunting proposition; however, we believe this truth will become self-evident even after a very short time in our program. What may…

a glass of liquor and open bottle of pills showing What Is Polysubstance Abuse

What Is Polysubstance Abuse Doing to You?

What is polysubstance abuse, and why should it matter to you? Do you mix drugs together when taking them? Do you have a glass of alcohol when you are using heroin or cocaine? If so, you are engaging in polysubstance abuse or using two or more substances with each other to enhance their effects. The…

group in therapy at an alcohol rehab program Boston MA

What Will an Alcohol Rehab Program Boston MA Offer You?

Alcohol can seem like no big deal. You may think everyone drinks and most people don’t have a problem with it. Yet, for many other people, one drink a day over a consistent period can lead to alcoholism. When this happens, alcohol controls much of your life, your actions, and your thoughts. That doesn’t have…